The Book of Many Things

Hired to Go North

A not so hidden treasure

A handful of adventurers signed up to escort a trading caravan, tasked with acquiring an undisclosed item, which would require weeks of travel north. New crew members were tossed a bag of money [+50gp] up front, intended to be used to purchase supplies for the long trip.

Shortly after leaving [main city], another caravan tagged along, claiming they were traveling north along the same trail.

Mere hours later at a river crossing, the caravans encountered bandits demanding a toll to cross a bridge they maintained, demanding too much and with weapons at the ready. The first caravan, containing the adventurers, paid the price. However, the following caravan was stopped, could not or would not pay, and a fight commenced. The lead caravan was well prepared, and dispatched the bandits.

Later that same day, the second caravan had their wagon snatched by a silver dragon, of all things, flying through the area. The caravans regrouped into one, and hurried into a wooded area. The dragon hunted the caravan down, but they remained untouched for a time under cover of trees. Thinking the dragon was after something in their possession, instead of attacking random wagons, the new members of the crew investigated the contents of the wagon, and questioned the original crew. They discovered a bag of holding under the driver's seat containing a large sum of gold, which the driver was reluctant to speak about.

Assuming the dragon was tracking the bag's magical aura, and collecting magical items, the group. concealed the magical aura of bag by pouring mounds of gold out of the bag and burying it in the seat compartment of the wagon. The caravan rushed away in the open grasslands. However, the dragon still tracked down the caravan, eventually, given a little time and the lack of cover in the open grasslands. A quick decision was made to dump all the gold out of the bag into the back of the covered wagon, and tossed the bag. Fortunately, the dragon snatched the bag, and flew away.

Finally, the group came upon another wooded area, and parted ways with the crew of the tag-along caravan (at the end of one very long and improbably eventful day). The caravan continued to travel north for a few days, until they spotted a band of orcs on the horizon.

+3500 EXP



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